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Fuzz Face Shootout

Here is a cool video I found on Youtube that demos 2 different Fuzz Face guitar effects pedals. Hope you enjoy it!


Make Your Electric Guitar Instantly Sound Better

Do you want to INSTANTLY sound better? Not satisfied with your guitar’s tone?

Change those strings! Here are two great videos explaining how to change the strings on your electric guitar.

The Greatest Guitarist Interview Ever

Okay, maybe it’s not the greatest guitar interview ever, but it is one of the most interesting guitarist interviews ever to me. I am NOT a Steve Vai fan; his music simply does not resonate with me. But his approach and devotion to the instrument is nothing short of breathtaking. I think you will enjoy this interview even if you don’t like Steve Vai’s music. Enjoy!

The Woo-Who Song

Song 2 by the Blur is one of the most energy-filled songs you will ever find. It’s only 2 minutes in length, but it takes the listener on quite the sonic journey. Here is a guitar lesson for the song. It’s pretty easy to play as you just move around the same power chord. Thanks.

Let The Music Do The Talking

It seems like nowadays music is more about politics, shock value and marketability. While I’m sure those have always been a part of the music industry, it seems that lately the balance has shifted even more. If I say the name Ted Nugent, many folks think of his political views rather than his music. I think that is really missing the point. Who cares if Ted Nugent votes for Mickey Mouse in the next election. He is a musician and a killer guitarist at that. Don’t worry about politics or shock value; just let the music do the talking.

Songwriting 16: Play What Fits

I absolutely love this talk from John Mayer. The best part to me is when John talks about not overplaying. NOT OVERWRITING. The Keep It Simple Stupid method is often something that needs to be implemented more often when it comes to songwriting.

Shred Like John Mayer

John Mayer gets a bad rap sometimes. He is a fantastic blues player that is often known more for the women he has dated and not his music. This cool lesson focuses on what really matters; the music. Hope you enjoy it.